Mr. Matt & Miss Jenny were born & raised in Barrington Illinois. They moved their little family to Tennessee about 8 years ago. They both love the Chicago Blackhawks & traveling. Mr. Matt loves Star Wars and Lego's (even better, Star Wars Lego's) & Miss Jenny loves puppies & could eat tacos everyday if Mr. Matt let her!

About Us

Miss Jenny has worked in the animal care industry for over 15 years and always dreamed of opening her own small family owned boarding facility. Her husband, Mr. Matt, worked tirelessly to make that dream become a reality. The idea of Koda's Playhouse was born in December of 2021 and we finally opened our doors in May of 2022. In the past year, Koda's Playhouse has become so much more than a "dog kennel". Our clients, furry and human, have become family. 

Miss Jenny & Mr. Matt have two beautiful children & one due in January of 2024! They both were born loving dogs just like their parents. Their eldest is a honor roll high school freshman on the varsity swim team. Their now middle child has a creative mind & is in the Krav Maga Black Belt Training Program! 

When you come to Koda's Playhouse, you & your fur babies, become family

Koda's Playhouse (629)251-8165

5947 B New Nashville Highway Smyrna, TN 37167